Paper Cup sizes

Paper Cup sizes

Paper Cup sizes

In general, disposable paper containers have different sizes, among which are several cup sizes that are used for a variety of purposes. Typically, paper cups are measured by two criteria, the CC and the EN.

The smallest piece of paper that is generally used for testing, sampling, etc. Used, the paper cup is 70 cc, also called a shot glass or 3 ounces.

A larger size than a shot glass is a 110 or 120 cc paper cup, which is also commonly used for espresso and tester.

The next size is a 180 cc paper cup that is commonly used for a variety of uses on the market.

But the next size of paper cup, which is the most used and most popular among the sizes of paper and also the best-selling paper cup, is the 225 cc or 220 cc paper which is the usual size of a paper cup. Most of the Cup Cup team currently owns a 220 cc paper cup, which comes with a dedicated print. Paper cups of 220 cc have different uses, in fact they can be used for hot and cold beverages and so on.

The next size of the paper cup is 360 cc, which is used for all kinds of drinks, but this paper cup is mostly used in cafes and fast food.

After the 360 ​​cc size, the 480 cc paper cup is generally used in fast food.

It is also larger than this, which can be 560 and 640 cc paper cups, which is almost the largest size of paper cups.

Larger than the aforementioned sizes, they no longer fit in the paper cup group and are in the popcorn and bucket group.